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"Art is the imagination expressed through the senses."

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful art programs in which our son participated this summer and last spring. Your classes have focused his abundant energy and creativity in such constructive ways. He is proud of his beautiful and unique art pieces; they cover our walls, bringing our home to life. Your art classes have been one of the best experiences of his childhood to-date!"

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Art Classes

class photoSandi provides opportunities for children to explore their creativity and have fun using lots of different art materials, including: painting, collage, printmaking, water colours and mixed-media art. Projects are designed to inspire and captivate young imaginations. Students will learn about the elements of art, look at and discuss famous artworks, and be encouraged to express their ideas.

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Sandi is now teaching at Cathedral School and Maria Montessori Academy in Victoria.

Check the current schedule at Poppet Art Studio for art classes in the Oaklands neighbourhood.

andPrograms at the Greater Victoria Public Library.


Contact Sandi if you are interested in private art classes or art workshops for your school or community group.

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