student painting

“My  5 year old daughter took an art class with Sandi and LOVED it.  We created a whole gallery in our stairwell with her artwork from the class, and I cannot even describe how proud and delighted she is in her accomplishments!  Her focus, concentration, and fine motor skills (use of scissors, pencil sharpener, etc.) have really taken off, and I think a lot of this was brought on in part by her participation in Sandi's class.”

student painter


Visual Arts Programs 

Sandi Henrich provides visual art programming for schools, community associations, arts organizations, and professional development programs for teachers.

Sandi's approach is centred on supportive, age-appropriate, art making exploration and process. Art history extends the student's understanding of the creative process and gives relevance to their own art making.

Sandi Henrich is certified by the B.C. Ministry of Education to teach Visual Art in Independent Schools.

Supportive Instruction

A positive and supportive learning environment, clear instructions and guidelines, demonstration of materials and techniques will assist in developing the student's self-esteem and confidence.


Students benefit from an art curriculum that is age-appropriate. The curriculum provides them with a chance to explore the creative process while learning about the fundamental art principles of line, shape, colour, pattern, texture, and form.

Projects are all about learning by doing. Appropriate art materials are selected for projects that are designed to give the student a sense of accomplishment, pride in their work, and confidence in their own abilities.

Art History

Art history is learning about the lives and work of artists - past and present. Art history education gives students an understanding of the relevance of their own art-making and a new appreciation of the world around them.


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